Founders and History


      Dr Rae Ann Van Pelt, Dr Marla Minuskin                                        Dr Jane Lohmar, Dr Rae Ann Van Pelt

Family Pet Animal Hospital was founded in April of 1990 by Dr. Rae Ann Van Pelt (University of Illinois, 1987) and Dr. Marla Minuskin (University of Illinois, 1985). Our goal was to establish a facility that provided the highest quality diagnostic and medical care along with up to date client education. We understand how significant your pet is to your life! We promote preventative medicine and wellness for pets of all ages.

Over the course of our decades here, our hospital has grown and developed along with our neighborhood. We now offer chiropractic medicine, ultrasound, and endoscopy, in addition to the excellent general veterinary medicine and surgery our clients have always enjoyed. Family Pet Animal Hospital is proud of our reputation: Our business has grown through word-of-mouth advertising alone.

Although Dr. Minuskin retired from veterinary medicine in 2009, the heart of Family Pet remains strong through the integrity and dedication of Dr. Van Pelt and our newest partner Dr Jane Lohmar (University of Illinois, 1995), along with our remarkable team members, many of whom have been with the practice for 15 years or more.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our hospital’s ongoing commitment to the very best medical care for your pet – Even if it’s not at Family Pet! While our doctors are among the most excellent general practitioners around, we regularly refer our patients to specialists in such fields as internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, and cardiology if we feel your pet will benefit from an expert consultation.

Since 1991, Family Pet Animal Hospital has maintained the highest possible accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association. We achieved this by committing ourselves to outstanding quality of medicine, diagnostics and patient care. Each one of our veterinarians subscribes to the goals and mission developed at Family Pet’s inception, so you can feel confident with any doctor your pet sees here. Our voicemail system allows clients to leave messages directly for their veterinarian, and our doctors spend many hours every week answering client questions, advising, and supporting ongoing cases via the telephone.

We created Family Pet Animal Hospital to provide this level of care because our clients and patients deserve it. If you ever have any questions about our capabilities, please ask! And feel free to request a tour of our facility at any time.